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Waiting Lists

Marie x Ocean's litter has arrived! Two beautiful Merle's!

We have as many as 6 new litters upcoming at the end of June, beginning of July. Pairings are:

Penny x Ocean - Due 6/22

Lacey x Nike - Due 6/24

Kruella x Ocean - Due 6/26

Winnie x Ocean - Due 7/2

Phoenix x DJ - Due 7/5

Panda x Nike - Due 7/7

Paid Waiting List

Currently Waiting

Our Paid Waiting List offers you a place in line to pick your puppy. The price goes towards the price of your deposit and is non-refundable. If you don't pick a puppy from the litter of your choice, your name will transfer over to a following similar litter. 

APPLICATIONS are still required so it is highly recommended you get approved before purchasing a spot. You will be refunded if not approved. 

  1. James Dowell

  2. Fader Reichard

  3. Angela Krebs

  4. Karen Silva

  5. Tina Osborne

  6. Ari Pistner

  7. Ashley Allenby

  8. Christine Williams

  9. Bryan Rotella

  10. Makenzie Hellmann

  11. Jerrica Mathura

  12. Diana Pinard

  13. John Phelps

  14. Missy Jones

Free Waiting List (1).gif

Free Waiting List

We also have a free waiting list. We will send an email notification letting you know when litters are born, when we are accepting applications and how to apply.


Fill out the form to be notified. 

Thank you for signing up!

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