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The following quotes are pulled directly from my Facebook Business Page Reviews. If you'd like to look at them, please click here.

"Beautiful pups. Very well bred, stunning coats, and excellent temperaments."

~ Cris. July 15, 2021

"Thanks Pepper Pomeranians for giving me the opportunity to be Magnolia mom.

She’s 18 months old and still a crazy, sweet, and very stubborn girl but I wouldn’t trade her for a million bucks!"

~ Sharon.  July 6, 2020


"Our Lilly girl has been a joy to our family. She's a loving joyful puppy that loves snuggles. What made me happy was the fact that she came from a home that all the puppies are cared for and loved on from day one! Kathy made sure each puppy was healthy happy and ready to be adopted to their forever homes! Momma "Pepper" also took great care of them and is a very proud mommy!."

~ Jessica. August 23, 2018


"Thank you for letting us have the cutest and most adorable puppy in the world He is our little precious love and joy we are so so happy to have him Thank you Kathy Slinkard you are a professional every way"

~ Heni.  September 17, 2018


"I'm a new owner to my female Pomeranian thank you for giving me the opportunity to take care of her she's very calm and healthy and also playful with my son and she's just a sweetheart all together thank you again!!"

~ Giovanna. August 20, 2018


"Thank you for the healthy beautiful pom."

~ Wendy.  September 18, 2018


"This was my husband and I’s first time shopping for a puppy. We feel really lucky to have found Kathy and buying from her was the absolute best decision. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable, super sweet, and offers fair pricing. We’re in love with our puppy! He is healthy with a great temperament. Kathy allowed us to visit him and his parents before taking him home. She also provided us with a puppy pack to get started, which included information on how to care for Pomeranians and some supplies (bed, food, treats, toys, brush, collar, ect). Kathy remains available post-purchase to answer any questions and is always quick to respond. We appreciate her continued support considering that this is our first puppy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Pom and would definitely purchase from her again."

~ Stephanie. March 5, 2022


"Beautiful poms! Kathy was knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. Fair & honest pricing. She also provides a questionnaire upfront to make sure puppies are going to a suitable home. I love my little guy so much - he’s the happiest sweetest boy! Whenever I’m able to get another pom, I’ll be reaching back out to Kathy."

~Tierney.  February 15, 2022


"When I started looking for a puppy I literally came across all scammer’s Until I found Peppers Pomeranians! I’m obsessed with my little angel Phoebe Buffay! Kathy’s dog are 5 star beautiful! Full of spunk, playful, smart and so lovable! Thank you Pepper's Pomeranians."

~ Kelly. February 16, 2022


"What a wonderful caring and very knowledgeable breeder. I had a bunch of questions and she took her time to answer everyone of them. I have one of her amazing little guys and couldn’t be happier. Will be getting another from her. Recommend her 100000%"

~ Jessica.  February 22, 2021


"We’re finally home 🏠🐶🐾 
Thank you for giving us a healthy fluffy puppy Pepper’s Pomeranian! She’s so playful! She’s having a nap right now 😊
Also thank you for all the goodies you gave! Very much appreciated 🥰❤️"

~ Lejanie. August 2, 2022


"This is our beautiful Bella. Thank you so much for the healthy and cute pup. We love her so much."

~ Johanna.  June 17,  2019


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About a year

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Puppy Purchase

"Absolutely beautiful puppies, and a patient and knowledgeable breeder. Planning on purchasing another in the future."

~ Wendy.  February 4,  2024

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5 Stars

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