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Our Story


Pepper's Pomeranians started with just one puppy. Miss Pepper herself! We brought her home because I always wanted to have a Pomeranian and I fell in love with her personality and quirky ways. Pepper is the

very best ambassador to her breed, so friendly and always full of licks, wags and smiles. She will jump up into almost anyone's lap! She really solidified my love of the breed. 


A little while later I decided to get a companion for Pepper just in case I did decide to go ahead with breeding. I was definitely leaning that way but we had some time before that happened. Teddy Bear came


Pepper and Teddy were both CKC registered as that is as much as I could afford to pay to get our little maybe-kennel off the ground but they got along right away and were the best of friends. Having two little furbabies

to snuggle on the couch was wonderful and Pepper especially loved to perch behind my head on the back of the couch. It's still her favorite place to sleep.

home to us when he was about 4-5 months old and he was going through what's known by experienced Pomeranian owners as the puppy uglies! This is when Pomeranian puppies shed their puppy coat and their adult coat comes in. This can happen in different severities. I got asked a few times if I was sure I got a Pomeranian because his case was particularly severe as you can see in this picture. I admit, the first time experiencing a true coat blow out was a bit concerning but it came back better than ever. 


I decided to breed Pepper when she was approximately 2 years old and did I ever get an introduction into what breeding is all about! We had her x-ray done when she was about 45 days and she gave me quite a fright. 6 blessings! How that tiny little body had managed to grow 6 puppies and now she was to birth them I didn't know but I was terrified for her and for the puppies. I didn't dare hope they would all survive but Pepper was amazing. She didn't need a single bit of help from me, I just sat with her and encouraged her through the whole thing and every single pup made it. We did have one tiny one, but they all survived and found wonderful homes. That first litter was so hard to say goodbye to, I absolutely adored them... but we kept her first born and named her Daphne as even though I had quite a fright, I discovered a love for the job.  

In the last 5 years we have been blessed with many sweet puppies and wonderful customers. We have been able to grow our kennel to what it is today. We now have AKC lines added to our kennel and provide lines from both registries. Even though Pepper is now retired, her puppies have brought a lot of joy to their humans and I have continued her lines with my CKC program. I hope to continue with her bloodline from that original litter for as long as I can by keeping puppies from her granddaughters and great granddaughters to provide wonderful companions for years to come.  My current focus is to provide healthy, beautiful puppies from both lines in all varieties of colors. My heart is with the Merle patterning and the rare colors like Blue and Lavender but the most important thing to me is that they are healthy, happy and go to fantastic homes. 


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