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The paid waiting list cost goes towards your deposit and total purchase price of the puppy you pick. This allows you your pick in the order your waiting list deposit was recieved. 



Puppies with medical issues will be placed as seen fit by the breeder. This includes any super tiny pups born. We always strive to make our owners happy but when it comes to the pups, what is best for them first, regardless of waitlist orders. 



Approved Paid Wait List members will have 48 hours to respond once we have reached out to notify of their turn to take home a puppy. If no response has been recieved in that time we will move on to the next person on the list. 


If you wish to wait till the next litter for whatever reason you are more than welcome to, a paid wait list order does not mean you must take the puppy that is available when it is available. We just ask you tell us your intentions in a timely manner so we can move on to the next person.


  • Please be advised, purchasing a waiting list slot does not grant approval to become a Pommy Parent. You MUST still APPLY and be APPROVED in order to take home a puppy. Therefore you are advised to gain approval before completing this transaction.

    This is the Application link



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