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Ritz and Razzi Applications are Open!

Ritz and Razzi are available and looking for their people!

Razzi is charting 9-10 lbs, is black with a white patch on his chest and is ready to home this weekend with an approved application. He is super sweet with a very soft disposition. All evidence to the contrary in this third picture! He had me laughing, I caught him mid-sneeze and didn't even realize it until I started editing! More pictures *here*

Ritz is charting 7-8 lbs, is a cream sable and is also ready to home this weekend with an approved application. His sabling will likely disappear as he grows and he will be more cream than sable as an adult. This little guy has a HUGE puppy coat, sooo much floof! Ritz is full of character and super silly. He's higher energy than Razzi but constantly keeps me giggling at his antics. More pictures *here*

We have health certificates in hand, and puppy packs ready to go. These little guys are going through their final deworming and can't wait to find their new family. Applications are available *here*, and we are going LIVE most afternoons with them around 3:30pm EST on TikTok (@kattchasingdogs) if you'd like to see them "in person". We are also happy to have visits with an approved application, anytime.

Any questions? Always happy to answer, just let us know!


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