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Puppies have arrived!

Panda woke up yesterday morning with all kinds of sass which, granted... for Panda, that's normal. However this was more than her usual sass. So we got all the last minute things done and sat down to wait for the arrival of puppies!

She had her first baby around 2:05 pm after ALOT of growling at either her bed or herself.. and not a small amount of telling me how she really felt about things. She let out a quick screech during birth and then decided she didn't want to have anything to do with him! Once I got the poor little dear dried off and weighed (4.7oz), I sat Panda down and let her know that while I understand the obvious complaints, she is in fact needing to feed the poor thing and she really will like him if she gives him a chance. So we laid down and I convinced her to let him nurse. Once that happened she decided that maybe I was right and she started doing the mom thing. Licking him and then trying to take him somewhere dark. Fortunately for my lower back, there was no where dark to go, and she returned to the bed with him.

Pepper's No Stone Unturned - "Stone"

After Panda settled in with little Stone, it was only a few minutes before I was pretty sure we had another one coming. I caught a glimpse of her little body pushing, but only the one time. However, she wasn't settling. She kept getting up, digging in her bed, nesting, and though the growling had stopped, she clearly still had a bee in her bonnet if you catch my drift. So I sat down beside her and we waited. About 2.5 hours had gone by and I was slacking a little bit. I had turned away for about 5 minutes or so when I looked over again and the puppy had duplicated himself. Quiet as can be, not a single noise or anything. And the little dear was ALREADY nursing! I couldn't do anything but laugh. Dogs are incredible and hilarious all at once. I picked her up, dried her off a bit more, weighed her (4.6oz)... and all the while, Panda is back to herself and telling me under no circumstances should I have removed that little girl from her bed. Quite the turn around!

Pepper's Never Ending Story- "Story

So that's that! I am super thankful for both sweet blessings. I would have been ecstatic with just one. Panda is only 5 lbs and that really is the smallest I'm comfortable breeding. I can not WAIT to watch these little lovies grow up and see how they turn out.

(Stone has the stripe up his forehead and more black on his body.
Story has more white on her body and mostly black on her face.)

This is our N litter.. both their AKC names start with N. Somehow both their call names managed to start with S. That's a whole other thing. Next up is Lacey. I haven't formally announced her pregnancy as confirmed but I'm about 90% sure she's pregnant. She still has a couple weeks to go and this is about the time when I can tell 100% sure. I will make that announcement as soon as I can! As always, I'm here to answer questions. Just let me know!


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