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Penny's Puppies are here!

We have 5 new bundles to celebrate and I'm absolutely thrilled with how pretty this litter is and how well they are doing!

Penny delivered 3 boys and 2 girls yesterday between 5:04pm and 6:42pm! Normally delivery goes a fair amount slower but she was definitely in a hurry and I was not complaining. The faster they are here, the shorter amount of time there is to worry about complications. Still, when you're only one person, much faster and I would have been in a bit of a panic.

First we had a beautiful black boy weighing in at 5.4oz. A sturdy, respectable weight and very strong. I got him cleaned up and weighed but Penny was, much like Panda, not too sure about what just happened to her and mostly had the attitude that I should keep him away from her. So I set him up in another bed with a heat pad and we were only a couple minutes away from puppy number two.

Black with white markings, this little boy doesn't have any tan points as far as I can tell.

Puppy number 2, a pretty chocolate, arrived with little drama. Penny didn't need much in the way of help at all. I got her cleaned up and weighed. She came in at 4.5 oz which is also a respectable weight. Penny was still really not sure about what these little tiny squeakers were doing near her and what all this meant. She gave her a couple licks but then left the bed so we took a couple of pictures and waited. One of the biggest dangers to babies is cold. So making sure they stay warm while they aren't next to momma is foremost on my mind at this point.

Chocolate with white on her chest, baby girl doesn't have any tan points either.

Puppy 3, a stunning sable, was born almost immediately after, at 5:32pm. He is suuuuper tiny! Only 3.1oz! Such a big head and a tiny little body. I was worried to start cuz I couldn't get him to cry but he was trying to. Big ol gasping movements, he just needed a few seconds to get there. I don't often see them this small and strong at the same time but this little guy is a fighter. I didn't give Penny much of a choice at this point. He needed momma and to nurse so I dried him real fast, took his weight and grabbed a quick few pics then put him directly in the bed with her. She did not leave, thankfully. He latched on almost immediately which was exactly what I needed him to do, being so little. That first meal of colostrum offers a boost of sugar and much needed energy for these little guys.

Orange Sable, I think... he's a tiny little boy! He could have a mask from his daddy, its too soon to tell.

Seeing as though Penny allowed puppy 3 to stay I put the other two in with her, one at a time hoping for the same luck and it held. She was a little less overwhelmed with what was happening. She was also extremely gentle with me and didn't mind that I was messing with her or her puppies. That is a gift every time. I've experienced the alternative and its NOT an easy road, especially when intervention is required.

Penny doing great after 3 babies delivered. She says ok, they aren't so bad.

After a bit of a pause, and a change of beds, we met puppy number 4 at 6:06 pm. She needed a minute as well to catch her breath and I was worried for a few seconds but she got there. She absolutely blew my mind when I realized her color. A gorgeous Chocolate Cream Sable unless I'm very much mistaken and if everything works out she will stay here with us. She was born rather small at 3.4 oz so its really going to depend on whether she makes some big gains in the coming weeks but I fell in love with a chocolate cream sable years ago and have been waiting to produce one for some time. She does not appear to have a mask, although I would have absolutely LOVED that!

Chocolate Cream Sable girl, puppy number 4. She was 3.4 oz - so small!

Puppy pile while we wait for number 5!

Lastly we had another striking black male with white on his chest born at 6:42pm. He came out strong and had no problems telling me what was what. Weighing in at 4.2 oz he is a perfect size and was nursing in no time. Now for the test.. how to tell the two black boys apart?

Puppy number 5 is a black male with white on his chest and no tan markings as far as I can tell.

I can't tell you how relieved I was that it was over and as fast as it was. After Lacey's ordeal I think I was a little traumatized and ready for an easier time of it, I have to say. Penny did amazing but once she was finished, she had 5 babies all of a sudden and she was kind of looking at me as if to say.. now what?

All cleaned up and in the big bed
Aren't they little beauties? That little one in the middle.. sooooo tiny!

Thankfully she settled in just fine with a lot of reassurance, pets and love. These puppies are very quiet which means they are perfectly happy. Penny is wonderfully attentive and quick to tell any of the other dogs its time to take a walk, they are far too close for comfort.

I thought I would have a rather sleepless night, which is to be expected with new babies but I slept more than I usually do. I woke up often to check on her and the babies but I was right back to sleep. They are all still doing fantastic. Squirmy and wriggly which is EXACTLY what you want to see. Quick to move and make noise means they are strong and healthy.

Good Morning Penny!
Good Morning babies!

I will keep you updated as they grow. Don't forget about our waiting lists to get updated. We offer a paid waiting list and a free waiting list. The paid waiting list offers priority pick of litters and the price ($100) goes towards your deposit. The free waiting list gets you notified when we have new puppies and when we open up applications after the paid waiting list has been gone through. Currently we have 3 on the paid waiting list so there are puppy spots open!

We don't have anyone else pregnant at this time but I do expect a couple to go into heat in the next month or so. They will be my CKC litters.

That's it for now! We need names for these little guys. Song titles beginning with the letter P is the guideline. Post your suggestions in the comments. Keep in mind, it's best if we can also pull a call name from the title. (eg. "Story" from Never Ending Story)

As always, if you have questions just reach out! Thanks for reading - Happy weekend to all.


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