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Kattchasingdogs - Puppy Love

Things are pretty quiet on the breeder front other than the semi-daily posting pictures, and answering questions and applications from, and other social media platforms.

We are however, raising two puppies at once!

This is Winnie and Marie!

Winnie is CKC registered from our Niko after a puppy back studding last year. Her full name is Pepper's The Winner Takes It All and she is Pepper's great grand-daughter. Her coloring is known as Orange Sable Parti (Parti means part white).

Marie is AKC registered from our Lacey and Ash. She was born only 3 days before Winnie. Her full name is Pepper's Marigold Sky. While she has no relation to Pepper she is our first female AKC pup we have kept from our own breeding. Her coloring is Black and Tan.

We had company over last night and they had a great time being terrorized by the little ladies whenever they entered the kitchen and these little ladies very much enjoyed their role as tiny terrorists. Their teeth are especially sharp at this age and they are still learning what is and is not acceptable behavior. Still, everyone adored them and eventually they curled up on a lap to be extra specially cute!

"What? Sister makes a perfectly acceptable pillow!"
"Ma... I need my paw pads shaved...Maaaaa!!"

Marie showing me I've been slacking on her feet... generally speaking dogs need their paw pads shaved out so they have better grip and those in snowy climates will notice they end up with snowballs between their pads when hair is allowed to grow too much. Honestly it's a wonder she can run at all without sliding everywhere... I definitely need to get on that.

Some serious side
eye going on here!

And we are asleep!
How stinking
cute are they?

Quick update on the puppy expecting front: we are approximately 3 weeks away from Phoenix being due and she is showing. Kruella feels like she is pregnant too but its too soon for me to feel confident in saying that for sure. Maybe in another week. She is 4 weeks away from her due date. If you want to be notified when puppies are born make sure to sign up for my waiting list, the free one is just a quick name and email address and I will only email when we have puppy announcements!


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