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New Puppy pics posted!

Quick update!

Yet another huge thank you is deserved to everyone for helping find amazing homes for Nora's Pomeranians puppies. They have all found amazing homes and one of them is even staying here with us. I'll have pictures of her in coming days.

Secondly, I've updated Smoke and Violet's galleries with new pictures. It looks to me like Smoke may have two blue eyes and Violet has a bit of blue in at least one eye. It's still early and hard to tell. DNA has come back and we have colors! Violet is a Cream, Blue Sable Merle (what a mouthful!) This means that most of her markings will disappear but her eyes and nose will be a diluted color. Smoke is a Black and Tan Merle and all his markings will remain. They both tested clear on the clinical diseases and conditions that Embark tests.

Violet and Smoke

I will be reaching out to our paid waiting list this weekend! So keep your eyes peeled for my email if you're on that list.

Thank you again everyone, we so appreciate you!


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